Tampere by Night: Clan Toreador

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2nd marjor clan in Tampere
Basic types: artist, dreamer
Discipline: Presence
Advantage: loyal fans or money
Drawback: adore beautiful things

Relations to other clans:
Ally: N/A
Warm: Ventrue, some Brujah
Neutral: Rest of clans
Cold: Nosferatu, Tremere, some Brujah
Hostile: N/A

Character Name Player ID Status Title Nationality Sire Childe(s) Ghoul(s) In-game Status

Duchess Aurore Michaud
Petra H To1 Primogen Elder FRA ? to2 tog1 Normal

Carlos T. Verdugo
Jani N To3 Whip* Ancillae SPA to2 to4 n/a Normal

Yolanda Plazas de Lozada
Saija R To4 n/a Neonate BRA to3 to5 n/a Normal

Teemu Ylštalo
Mikko L To5 n/a Neonate FIN to4 n/a n/a Holy, Away
? To6 ? ? ? ? ? ? Not announced

Niilo Oksala
Erno M ToG1 Ghoul Other FIN to1 n/a n/a Normal

*) Status removed by Emperor

Character removed from the game:

Dominique Deblois
Kaisa K To2 Keeper of Elysium Ancillae FRA to1 to3 n/a Missing, RIP(?)

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