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"Rules are made to be broken."


Image from the 1st Gathering

The rules of Tampere by Night (TbN) are loosely based on existing systems in the genre. No detailed knowledge on any of these is required. Basic assumption is that the players are familiar with kindred literature and therefore have all the required elements to cook a dish according to following instructions.

The kindred are beings of the night. This is due to their lack of protection against sunlight. The roots of this disease (as many scientists among them claim) can be traced back to the Biblical event telling the story of Caine. Many phenomena support this paranormal belief. As already mentioned sunlight has the ability to produce aggravated (non-conventionally healing) damage. The same effect is caused by risen temperature (above 90 degrees Celsius), blessed devices (e.g. holy book or water blessed by clergy) and some special weapons as well. Because these are the things that might end the eternal story of kindred they are greatly feared. Kindred are equal to mortals in physical strength but when it comes to stamina it's another story. As a rough baseline it could be said that kindred can handle three times as much physical damage as a mortal (i.e. 3 lethal wounds).

The history of the kindred is a tightly concealed secret even among the ranks of themselves. Only very few at a time claim to possess information about the truth of mystical First City, Lilith and event known as second falling. Many like to make assumptions that it was Lilith who caused the second falling to revenge her own history. This might have been the case, but one thing is certain. There is no evidence of grace for the kindred. They can rely only on themselves.

How is a kindred born? This is the other great mystery remaining. After dooming (i.e. drinking all blood from mortal, some prefer to call this embracing) some members of livestock get contaminated. There is no way to tell who will fall under this curse or receive this blessing (depends on ones point of view). It just happens. Sire will give three blood points to the doomed person he/she thinks is worthwhile. Process causes some additional discomfort to the sire but is really painful to the neonate. Ask any kindred and he/she will probably tell you that it's something that he/she wouldn't be willing to go through again.

Now let's return to the issue of feeding. Every kindred is required to feed every once and a while. Most of the kindred probably eat normal food every day, but they have a second appetite to satisfy in addition. Hunger for warm, fresh and vital blood. Since only as many decilitres as one has of so called "blood points" are required per week, so this usually is not any kind of a problem. However if kindred uses disciplines (i.e. special abilities gained among the bloodline in clan), this requires consumption of these blood points. Blood points can also be used to convert aggravated damage to normal and normal damage to vanish for good. Most kindred have no difficulties to finding mortals willing to feed their master. Still many prefer the animal blood to human which is simply a matter of taste. For both sides of feeding process is somewhat similar to lovemaking. Kindred get high and mortals often reach orgasm as a side effect. It is no wonder that many (at least of those who prefer mortals) prefer to perform this ritual during an actual lovemaking. It just takes your breath away. Speaking of breathing it is a common delusion that kindred don't breath or have a regular heartbeat. Go ahead and try to cut one of them. You'll see fresh blood bleeding from the wound - at least those few seconds you have remaining of your life. Same thing with mirrors, garlic and flowing water. Then why don't we see gothic boys and girls with bite marks on their necks every once in a while? Well every kindred can "lick" a wound. Even when done carelessly, one can see merely a love bite decorating the neck.

However there are few old tricks that do affect even the kindred. Put a stake through ones heart and see him/her paralyse. To finish one off you still have to cut off the head. The good ol´ decapitating usually does the trick but to be on the safe side you'd better burn everything. I'm not saying it's mandatory but who really wants to take chances when we are discussing about the kindred?

Kindred can commit diablerie (ie. drink all blood) on their own kind. This brings him/her one generation closer to the victim's. Higher (lower as a number) generation brings advantages such as larger blood pool but also has drawbacks. High generation kindred tend to have lower humanity since the old blood remembers past more clearly. Moreover, as already mentioned, need for blood increases with the blood points. It is no wonder that committing diablerie one is considered a major offence. Unapproved diablerie usually leads to a bloodhunt called out by the ruler of the region.

No matter how much blood you take from someone the thing called blood bond doesn't get very strong. After all it's only blood. All kindred have the ability to make ghouls (ie. kindred wannabe mortals, who have extended life span as long as they are fed 1 blood point per month). More about this topic can be found under the section others.

Kindred have many unwritten laws. These become familiar to everyone sooner or later. There used to be one particular set of rules that most recognised wise to follow. These rules were known as the traditions. Now there are laws that rulers set for their domain. Here are some of them:

  • Lex Tampere
  • Old Traditions of Tampere
  • Law of Orivesi

    Advanced Rules

  • Hierarchy and Addressing
  • Disciplines
  • Blood Points and Humanity



    Some characters have fate point in the beginning of the game. It may be used to dispel one event to defend oneself (e.g. when someone uses discipline on you or when you are under gunfire). When using the fate point one can't use dispelled event against the aggressor in any way. It's the cost of a miracle. Choose wisely when to use this since it won't be there for the next time to save your ass.


    In case of combat the following rules apply. Latex weapons and some boffer utilities (e.g. a frying pan) may be used to produce lethal wounds. In unarmed combat actual physical contact with other players if forbidden. Three scoring hits (act out and improvise the decision of who scores) or one scoring martial art attack equals one lethal wound. Soft-air guns or similar (without any rounds) are used to simulate firearms. They cause one lethal wound per hit. Announced as "shot" Assault weapons and shotguns (in close range) cause 2 aggravated damage per "burst" / "shell". "Explosions" cause 3 aggravated wounds in direct hit and 2 aggravated damage in other area of effect. "Heat" above 90 degrees in Celsius produces always produceses aggravated damage. To stun opponent one must use some blunt instrument and announce that caused damage is only "stunning". If you fell so that there is no way to decide the result of a fight, summon the storyteller. (Summoning storyteller to resolve conflicts is a poor choice. Learn to improvise and if required: to lose.)


    Every player is obligated to post a full debrief during the next seven days after a game. The debrief should include at least a description of the characters doings, major interaction with other characters and feelings. In addition some future goals and motivations for these should be described.

    Unresolved Game Mechanics

    If no appropriate rules is given to resolve a particular situation the decision is up to the players involved unless the storyteller announces otherwise. Try to cope by acting out as far as possible. If you can't rule situation by larping you might settle it via paper-rock-scissors challenge. Any situation should not at any stage compromise a player's well-being at anytime.

    Legal Note

    During all games and at all times the predominant law of state must be obeyed as well as general gaming rules of Ignotus and Eru. In case of legal trial it will be held in Finland under Finnish law.

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