Tampere by Night: So you have been around slighly longer time?

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"We are not alone here…"

There are other beings in the night besides kindred. Most numerous of all these creatures is the mankind.

Humans / mortals / cattle

For most kindred the mortals are merely a nutrition source causing some minor nuisance. However some know better. There are groups aware of kindred and dedicated to destroy them. They are generally called vampire hunters or simply hunters. Some of them focus on specific clans while others just want to create maximal havoc. Some legendary hunters are calimed to possess abilities similar to kindred disciplines or being able to ignore them.

Spirits in material world


Elder (and older) kindred have the ability to ghoul mortals. This creates a thin blood bond between the sire and the ghoul. In this unholy sacrament the sire donates 1 blood point per week to the ghoul. This blood prevents the ghoul from ageing in a natural way. In some cases if the generation of the sire is high enough the ghoul may gain some disciplines of the clans bloodline. It's not unknown that a ghoul can give a really hard time to a high generation ancillae. In return of the sire's donation the ghoul vows loyalty to it's sire. There is nothing that can prevent the ghoul to change from one sire to another. This kind of disloyalty doesn't get one's popularity to hit the peaks but if the new sire is powerful enough who cares. To make a ghoul one must have the permission of the Emperor. Typically only one ghoul at a time per primogen is allowed. In some cases the Emperor may as a sign of appreciation give to an individual permission to have more than one ghoul. This is quite a great advantage since if some incidence leaves the number of kindred low enough the Emperor typically gives permission to embrace new kindred. If a ghoul has served well the sire usually proposes ones servant to be the next to face the possibility of immortality.


Most of the kindred don't possess any kind of magical disciplines. In fact only few clans are known to perform actual magical acts. It's a greatly disturbing thought that some mortals posses this kind of powers. Some Emperors like to keep their back covered and include powerfull mages in their court. There is always a price to pay when dealing with them.


Any non-material beings that have the ability to manifest in a way or another in this world are called spirits. Some say that these are just rumours created by the Giovanni family to boost their own status. Still when the air gets suddenly cold without a reason even the eldest of kindred tend to get jumpy.

Unknown entities

Some things remain mysteries. Nordic kindred seem to avoid primeval forests. Some speak of living trees, other mumble about fairies and werewolf. Too many haven't returned from organized expeditions and there has been many of them.

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