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The Law of Orivesi

1. The Masquerade
Nobody will not reveal a true nature to outsiders of the inner circle. The Emperor and the primogens approve additions to this circle. Anybody who violates this law renounces all claims to own blood.

2. The Domain
Every domain is under a responsibility of an appointed primogen. Others must pay their respect to ruler during time spent in domain. Word of the ruler is the law in the domain. The Emperor is the highest ruler of all domains in Orivesi but the primogens who are subject to him may use power within their domain.

3. The Progeny
Only the Emperor grants progeny. Kindred created without approval will usually be slain as is the sire.

4. The Accounting
Everybody is responsible for their own children. Blood bond is forever unless The emperor or primogen of own clan gives permission to remove this.

5. Hospitality
Respect others domains. When entering a new domain everybody is obligated to introduce oneself to the ruler. Without rulers permission domain trespassing is unacceptable.

6. Destruction
Only the Emperor and the primoges have the right to destroy their inferior. Emperor can call out blood hunt as can the primoges concerning their own clan.

7. Levy
All kindred and ghouls pay 20% tax of all income sources to the Emperor. Primogens pay additional weekly blood donation scaled to size of their dominion.

28. March 2012 by Emperor Caligula Descartes II in Orivesi domain

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