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Old News:


12.5.2022 Game "Bloodless Revolution" (20.8.2022) is full. No more applications from new players thank you.
9.5.2022 Next gathering "Bloodless Revolution" will be held 20.8.2022 at Orivesi. Info: forum and via Telegram.
5.5.2022 Reactivation of LARP storyline.


TbN played as RPG (P&P + Virtual Tabletop) only.


24.2.2006 Requested numerous missing debriefs.
23.2.2006 Updated some character staus.
13.1.2006 TbN has new address [old address removed]".
1.1.2006 Happy New Year!


25.11.2005 Development of next game begins.
15.11.2005 A chance to suggest improvements before 2006 season (see TbN-posting list).
11.11.2005 TbN Chronicles is active again. More information will be available within week.
19.7.2005 No improvement in Storyteller's medical condition.
11.5.2005 Chronicle on hold due medical condition of Storyteller.
22.4.2005 Guests status updated.
8.4.2005 Numerous player status updates.
3.3.2005 Hierarchy and clan Gangrel relations updated.
27.2.2005 Between game ends today.
21.2.2005 Tremere and Toreador relations updated.
20.2.2005 Giovanni relations updated.
16.2.2005 Ventrue relations updated.
15.2.2005 Brujah relations updated.
9.2.2005 Last date to post between-game information is 27.2.
3.2.2005 Minor updates.


10.12.2004 Clan IDs and members updated.
2.11.2004 Photographs from the second game can be found in Event Horizon archives.
31.10.2004 Grand opening of Krakow embassy played 30.10. Between-game phase starting.
18.10.2004 Casting updated.
17.10.2004 All charactes (in phase 6) and material posted to players.
14.10.2004 General updating in pages. Some minor modifications in rules.
10.10.2004 Casting updated.
9.10.2004 Character posting done for new players.
30.9.2004 Clan relations updated.
29.9.2004 Some updates in casting.
7.9.2004 Casting ready for next game.
22.8.2004 Many updates complited. (Including rules and clans.)
30.7.2004 Registration form for new and old players.
30.7.2004 End of current between-game phase is 1.9. Ready your chracter sheets.
30.7.2004 Next date for gathering is 30.10. Location is Neptunus lounge.
15.7.2004 Player ID's included inside clan descriptions.
22.6.2004 Some comic artworks included in pages.
26.4.2004 New charaters included.
31.3.2004 Old tarditions removed and new Lex Tampre is added in rules.
30.3.2004 Some photographs from the game can be found in Event Horizon archives.
28.3.2004 Players have one week time to deliver a debrief from the 1st game.
22.3.2004 Ingame posting list tbn-larp@yahoogroups.com in near game (freeze) status.
20.3.2004 One week to the 1st game.
17.1.2004 Kindred clan descriptions updated.
11.1.2004 Character mailing to players begins.
5.1.2004 Further player applications are not for the 1st game. 2nd game will be held in fall 2004.
1.1.2004 The first gamedate will be 27.03.2004. See: Gatherings


5.12.2003 Players wanted! See: Bite Me!
21.11.-8.12.2003 Fixing bugs (tested by Päpä, Mika, Hexa, Marjukki, Maiju, Siina, Jonde, Juha, Ante and Klasu)
20.11.2003 Beta testing begins
18.11.2003 Homepage building in progress.

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