Tampere by Night: Guests

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Permanent guests characters in Chronicles

Character Name Player ID Status Title Nationality Sire Childe(s) Ghoul(s) In-game Status

Mika Petäjämäki
Tero S HKI-B2 Seneschal*1 and Sherif of Helsinki Ancillae FIN hki-b1 hki-b4 n/a Normal

Karita Halonen
Sara M HKI-B4 - Neonate FIN hki-b2 n/a n/a Missing

Kasper Nyström
Jukka S HKI-V2 Seneschal*2 of Helsinki Elder SWE ? n/a n/a Normal

Sini Aavasuo
Emilia V JKY-V2 Seneschal of Jyväskylä*3 Ancillae FIN jky-v1 jky-v4 n/a Normal

Marjo Hiekka
Piia-Maria P JKY-To2 Whip in Jyväskylä*3 Neonate FIN jky-to1 jky-to3 n/a Normal

Peter O'Malley
Aarno K LON-Tr7 Bansihed from London Elder IRE lon-tr4 n/a n/a Normal

Sami A C1 - Other ? ? ? ? Normal

Mikko B D1 - Other ? ? ? ? Normal

Anna-Maija L E1 - Other ? ? ? ? Normal
Kalle Hiekka
Otto K Sta2_1 - Other FIN m2 - - Normal
Elina Nuppu
Päivi S Sta2_2 - Other FIN m2 - - Normal
Julia Honka
- Sta2_3 - Other FIN m2 - - Normal

*1) Status in Helsinki according to HKI-brujahs
*2) Status in Helsinki according to HKI-ventrues
*3) Not official status (as Jyväskylä is under protection of Emperor of Tampere)

Characters removed from the game:

Raimo Hotakainen
Taneli P AB3 - Other FIN to1 - - RIP (26.4.2004)
Count Ulrik Stryker
Klaus H HKI-B1 Emperor*1
of Helsinki
Elder DEN ? hki-b2 hki-bg1 Missing, RIP(?)

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