Tampere by Night: Clan Giovanni

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4th major clan in Tampere
Basic types: mafia businessman
Discipline: Necromancy
Advantage: servant spirit or money
Drawback: aggressive blood drinking

Relations to other clans:
Ally: Nosferatu
Warm: N/A
Neutral: Rest of clans
Cold: some Ventrue
Hostile: N/A

Character Name Player ID Status Title Nationality Sire Childe(s) Ghoul(s) In-game Status

Julius Giovanni
Mika N G1 Primogen Elder ITA ? g2 gg1 Normal

Maria Giovanni
Mari A G2 Whip* Ancillae ITA g1 g3 gg2 Normal

Andrei Giovanni
Petri K G3 n/a Ancillae RUS g2 n/a n/a Normal

Nefer Ferisis
Siina R GG1 Ghoul Other EGY g1 n/a n/a Normal

Matt Anderson
Henrik-Kristian T
GG2 Ghoul Other FIN g2 n/a n/a Normal

*) Status removed by Emperor

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