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Disciplines are special powers within the bloodlines of clans. They give one great powers to interfere matters. Using a discipline is understood as such by all who see it happening. (Caster announces with clear and loud voice what he/she is doing.) Cost of activating each discipline is 2 x its level in blood points. Use of some discipline is considered as an attack towards the target most of the time. If this is in a conflict with the Traditions, consequences may be quite unpleasant to the caster. Therefore itís not recommended to use disciplines too openly. Besides who would want to use all his/hers blood points to trickery when there is a possibility of lethal danger behind every corner?

Dominate (Ventrue)

1: Word of Command
One command word may be uttered (e.g. fall). The word may be concealed in a sentence. A hand gesture is shown to the target. Wave a hand once in front of the recipient holding up the index and middle fingers. Duration is instant.
2: Advanced Command
One command clause may be uttered (e.g. forget that you saw me here today). Hand gesture is the same as above. Duration of effect is at maximum one hour.
3: Command True
Any kind of command (of any length) can be given to the target. Hand gesture is the same as above. Duration of the effect is one month at maximum.

Presence (Toreador)
Note: Only Toreador are able to possess Presence discipline.

1: Aura of Fear
Makes kindred offender or mob of mortals / other beings fear the user until they can't see the caster anymore. (Doesn't affect spirits.)
2: Aura of Love
Changes target's feelings from approving to loving (casters choice) towards pointed target for as long as the caster remains at proximity of the target. Caster must act friendly towards the target or the effect disappears.
3: Aura of Majesty
Makes one seem to be almost omnipotent. Nobody can offend the caster for as long as he/she concentrates. During this time caster may not offend anybody directly.

Fortitude (Brujah)
Note: Fortitude (any level) costs always only 1 blood point for Brujahs

1: Skin of Stone
Hardens skin to resist x2 normal amount of damage (i.e. at maximum 6 lethal wounds).
2: Blood of Shielding
Turns all aggravated damage received to normal damage. Duration of this effect is roughly five minutes.
3: Regenerate
Regenerates all received wounds within two minutes duration. This effect has 10 seconds delay. If used together with Blood of Shielding even aggravated damage is cured. Effects of this discipline to the kindred killed during this interval may only be speculated.

Necromancy (Giovanni)
Note: Character with Necromancy can't have humanity above value 3. Necromancy has some special requirements. These are always up to the storyteller.

1: Secret Circle
No spirit may enter or leave the circle for 24 h, circle's maximum diameter is 25 meters.
2: Summon Spirits
Calls spirit whose name is known. Spirit answers to questions or performs minor tasks. Every summoning requires an unique ritual (information is given by the storyteller).
3: Steal Soul
Steals the soul of the dying (even kindred) or captured spirit and places it into a desired item. This item may be used as a blood reserve. Alternatively the target may be turned into a spirit which is totally controlled by the caster.

Obfuscate (Nosferatu)

1: Mask
Allows the caster to shape his face into any shape desired for 8 h duration. Nosferatu not wearing a typical mask (which they almost always do when in public) wears a mask on his/her face.
2: Shadow Form
Turns the caster into a shadow. Nobody can detect his/her presence while the caster stationary in a shady place or back against the wall. Shadow is presented by a hand gesture (crossed arms) or transparent cloth.
3: Force Hypnosis
Forces target to reveal required information and to forget that he/she has told it to the caster. Use of this discipline requires one minute of undisturbed staring at the target. The caster announces: "Force Hypnosis (followed with one question)."

Thaumaturgy (Tremere)
Note: Thaumaturgy has some special requirements. These are up to the storyteller / pc.

1: Mold Organic / Sleep
Allows the caster to cause wounds or to cure the wounds of a target with organic body (1 lethal wound in every 5 seconds of undisturbed concentration). Sleep causes a target to fall into a magical sleep lasting 10 minutes.
2: Enhance Object / Ward
Creates an enhanced object or a magical ward. The level of an item or a ward is determined by how many times that the discipline is used to enhance it (maximum level is 5). Requires a complex alchemical procedure.
3: Curse
Curses target from which one organic part is required.

Holy (Gangrel)
Note: Only Gangrel are able to possess Holy discipline. Use of this discipline always requires a good and just cause (i.e. from users point of view).

1: Serenity
The caster can calm down as many kindred in rage as is his/hers level in this discipline. Only calm speaking is required. No kindred in rage may attack Gagngrel under serenity. No hostile action from mortals / ghouls is possible towards caster. The caster utters word: "Serenity" and points the target(s) with index finger one by one.
2: Crusader
No holy objects nor sunlight may damage kindred (more than they would a typical mortal) under crusader effect. Duration of effect is 1 hour.
3: Holy pact / Absolution
Parties under holy pact may not break the deal done under this discipline or else betraying side(s) suffer terrible pain, mutations and possibly even utter destruction. If absolution is used one target may revive his humanity level but only if he/she truly regrets bad deeds done. The caster utters: "Holy pact is formed. / I grant you holy absoluttion - regret your sins!"

Clairvoyance (Malkavian)
Clairvoyance causes a mental disorder to the character. Severity of this affliction is determined by level. Use of clairvoyance cannot be detected by others in any case.

1: Project Vision
Caster writes or draws down a vision on a ritual note and passes it to the target - any vision.
2: Wheel of Time
Caster receives a vision from the past or the future considering a specific topic (ask the storyteller).
3: Raving Madness
Caster can infect target with permanent madness. May be dispelled by the caster?

Highest natural discipline level(s)

Level Requirements
lvl 3 (own clan) + lvl 1 (any clan) generation 7 or higher, at least metuselah
lvl 3 (own clan) generation 6-8, at least elder
lvl 2 (own clan) generation 7-9, at least ancillae
lvl 1 (own clan) generation 9 or lower, any age
-2 lvl of sire for other beings than kindred (not spirits)

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