Tampere by Night: Clan Brujah

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3rd major clan in Tampere
Basic types: fighter, anarchist / teacher, philosopher
Discipline: Fortitude
Advantage: loyal gang or money
Drawback: aggressive / passive

Relations to other clans:
Ally: N/A
Warm: Nosferatu, some Toreador
Neutral: rest of clans
Cold: some Ventrue
Hostile: N/A

Character Name Player ID Status Title Nationality Sire Childe(s) Ghoul(s) In-game Status

Countess Anja Zumwald
Maiju R B1 Primogen Elder GER ? b2, b3 bg1 Normal

Baron Madek Yager
Raino K KRA-B4 Diplomat from Krakow Elder POL kra-b3 n/a n/a Normal

Linda Holz
Mervi H B2 Whip* Ancillae GER b1 b4 n/a Normal

Susanna Itkonen
alias Suski
Helka M B4 n/a Neonate FIN b2 n/a n/a Normal

Maija Koljonen
Kati K B5 n/a Neonate FIN b1 n/a n/a Normal

*) Status removed by Emperor

Character removed from the game:

Lauri Hyvärinen
alias Late Kallo
Aarno K B3 n/a Neonate FIN b1 b5 n/a RIP

Tuukka Lauttala
Topi V BG1 Ghoul Other FIN b1 n/a n/a RIP

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