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This form is for players with an active characters only!

New players should use Bite Me! form.

Information marked with asterisk (*) are obligatory.

Player related questions

Full Name: *

Gender: *

Material request: *
E-mail (please use this if possible!)
Snail mail (cost +10 euros)
Other (specify in additional notes)

Diet (i.e. what you want to eat in next game):*
Meat choice (possible extra cost)
Vegtable choice (possible extra cost)
No meal for me thank you.

If meal of your choice is not available:*
Any choice is ok for me
I don't want any meal

Do you have a car that can be used for in-game purposis: *
Yes - I have a car that can be used for in-game purposis
No - I don't have a car that could be used

E-Mail: *
(If different from previous games please change, or ask ST to change, it to mailing lists.)

Street Address: *

Postal Code: *

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Comments, notes, improvement suggestions, etc.:

Character & charatcter sheet related questions

Character Name: *

All the following questions reflect players own image of current situation. This does not have any effect to ST ruling.

How many resources have you used during between-game:
(If less than 50% of players use more than 50% of available resources between game will change.)
% of all character's resources
total number (amount) of used resources

How do you see your chracter's humanity development:
Lower than before (you have made evil and selfis choices)
Same as previously (you have made neutral / clan favouring choices)
Higher than previously (you have made good and moral choices)

Has your character obtained his/hers/its goals (for the moment):
Yes (well done!)
Some (ok)
No (why?)

Comments, notes, etc.:

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