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Hierarchy and Addressing in Tampere
[Addressing: "Your Grace" / "Teidän armonne"]
1. Emperor - ruler of domain, chairman of the primolegio with a veto-right

[Addressing: "Honourable Mr/Mrs/Ms" / "Kunnianarvoisa hra/rva/nti"]
2. Seneschal - second-in-command, acting as Emperor when Emperor is not available
3. Bishop - when dealing with religion overrules all in hierarchy but the Emperor, keeper of archives
4. Metuselah - over 250 years "post rip"
5. Primogen - head of clan, usually at least elders, primogens form the primolegio
6. Grandmaster - mage, not in general knowledge

[Addressing: "Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms" / "Arvon hra/rva/nti"]
7. Sheriff - when dealing with law overrules all in hierarchy but the Emperor
8. Keeper of the Elysium - as Sheriff in Elysium
9. Elder - over 100 years "post rip"
10. Whip - primogen's main assistant, status removed by the Tampere's Emperor
11. Master - mage, not in general knowledge

[No formal addressing required]
12. Ancillae - 30 to 99 years "post rip"
13. Neonate - under 30 years "post rip"
14. Mage - mage, not in general knowledge
15. Generation 11 or weaker kindred
16. Ghoul - can be almost at any level in hierarchy

Please note that hierarchy has two parts: age and “kindred status”. Whichever is higher in hierarchy is the one defining addressing and final status of character. Only the two highest class “Your Grace” and “Honourable” are strict about addressing but basically even class “Dear” should be used. Intentional wrong addressing can be interpreted as an insult. This is only the case if person lower in hierarchy does this.

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